About Us

Motley's BBQ Restaurant began in 2001 with a cooker and a dream! Eddie Motley started a small catering company that worked out of the kitchen in his home. He gathered materials and built the very first Motley's cooker. He worked tirelessy for several years before finally continuing the dream he always had, turning his small catering company into something more. The land behind his house held barns and an old farm, this was the starting point. The barn was transformed to the restaurant and the farm land became a parking lot! Motley's BBQ Restaurant was born. With just one room for tables business was booming and it was quickly realized that an addition was needed. A train rides along the rails above the eating areas and you are likely to hear a y'all and a ya hear! The sweet tea is brewed several times a day and the lemonade is fresh. Chicken, ribs, and BBQ are cooked daily on the cooker out back. The hams are hand pulled and chopped before adding the family secret vinegar based sauce.

Fast forward today! Eddie's son-in-law Tim is still working to keep the dream alive. The train still makes the route, sweet tea brewed daily, chicken/ribs/BBQ made daily and you are more than likely still going to hear someone say y'all or ya hear. That's what make Motley's what it was and always will be, a family environment with finger licking good food!